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Vision Zero is based on the belief that all accidents, diseases and harm at work are preventable and on the commitment of Vision Zero Companies and Partners to promote the three core values of this campaign: Safety. Importantly the Vision Zero approach is flexible.

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One can focus on health, on safety or on well-being issues depending on what is most relevant. With this flexibility Vision Zero is of benefit for all, for governments and health and safety organizations in any part of the world and for companies of any industry and any scale.

The seven Golden Rules provide a proactive approach to promoting a prevention culture in the workplace. They introduce practical steps to take to identify areas needing improvement and then concrete suggestions about how to put the rules into practice.

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Check the latest news on Vision Zero. You can submit yours to issacomm ilo.

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The Vision Zero helps nations like Pakistan to put safety and accident-free workplaces at its top priority agenda. Improving safety and health in the enterprise does not necessarily mean increasing spending. More important is that management acts with awareness, leads consistently and builds a climate of trust and open communication at every level in the company.


Implementing the Vision Zero prevention strategy requires the active contribution and participation of many different actors at company level. One thing is clear: the success or failure of implementing the Vision Zero strategy will ultimately be determined by dedicated employers and executives, motivated managers and vigilant employees.


Get involved. Qantas says its emissions will fall as it flies more efficient aeroplanes, such as Boeing Dreamliners, which use 20 per cent less fuel than the Boeing s they replace. And more of its carbon emissions will be mitigated with "offsetting schemes" that either pull carbon out of the atmosphere or prevent it from being released.

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About 10 per cent of Qantas passengers pay to offset their own carbon contribution when they fly through these schemes, and from Monday the airline will match those contributions. Qantas' current offsetting projects include restoring wetlands and rainforest in far north Queensland, reducing the chance of wildfires in the North Kimberley and conserving hectares of Tasmanian forest which might otherwise be logged.

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However some scientists and environmentalists question the merits of land-based offsetting schemes, because they do not stop carbon entering the atmosphere in the first place. Alternative jet fuel, made from plants or other organic material, can cut emissions by as much as 80 per cent and are considered aviation's best hope of significantly reducing its contribution to climate change. But there is no commercial scale product available and the offerings that do exist cost almost double the price of jet fuel made from petroleum.

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The alternative fuel makes up 0. The International Civil Aviation Organisation, the United Nation's aviation body, estimates that the industry's carbon emissions will at least double and could almost triple between now and The Sydney Morning Herald. Capping net emissions growth from across domestic and international flights. Offset all emissions from domestic flights starting January, Air France: Offset all emissions from domestic flights starting January, A cap on net aviation CO2 emissions from License this article.

Aviation Qantas.

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