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Ward 6 Neighborhood Update 10-5-19

But we need to zoom out and better understand what is happening regionally. Even as MPD confiscates illegal guns each week, how and why are more coming into the city? The hearing focused on the big picture and what more we can do to push all levers to reduce violence and heal communities. But I was disappointed that the US Attorney's Office, as the federal prosecutor for the District, declined our invitation to provide their insights.

The Washington Blade has a write-up. During the same meeting, I will also hold an oversight roundtable to look at why the US Attorney's Office, the federal office charged with prosecuting all adult crimes in the District, has overseen a record-breaking decline in the number of crimes prosecuted as a hate crime, even as MPD has made a record-breaking number of arrests in reported hate crimes. The Washington Post had a lengthy report examining the data and I think DC residents deserve an answer from the US Attorney -- do these victims' trauma and experiences matter when USAO declines to prosecute a hate crime using the full weight of the law available to them?

Here's information on how to follow along or testify about either issue.

Results from 'Locations'

Checking in on the District's Body-Worn Camera Program After Five Years: I wanted to share the re-scheduled and updated oversight roundtable examining where we are five years after the District first instituted a body-worn camera program for MPD officers. The roundtable will take place on Monday, October 21, at am.

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Now that we have a few years of data and experience, what's working? What isn't? What have we learned from the program and where do we go from here?

Ward Visiting Times - UHL

WaPo Covers the Movement to Bring Open Captions to the Big Screen: Regular readers know I've introduced legislation several times to expand the number of movie showings that include open captions to ensure our deaf and hard of hearing neighbors can enjoy a trip to the movies. The Washington Post spent some time inside the movement to make movies more accessible to everyone. But once a year, we come together to celebrate, and en mass, head to school from Lincoln Park. The day is always a fun one with kids running around and parents sipping coffee before grouping up by school and heading off.

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And its a great opportunity to remember how important it is to have streets with clear crosswalks and visible stop signs and sidewalks that make it possible for families to walk to school rather than feeling the need to drive. Park ing Day: September 20 was Park ing Day - a day set aside to raise awareness of how much public space we dedicate to parking cars. I realize for many people, driving is part of daily life, even in a city with multiple modes of transportation. What I love about Park ing Day is that it helps us visualize what that trade-off looks like when we dedicate public space yes, almost all on-street parking is owned by the public to storing cars.

For one day, it becomes green space that brings our community together instead of set aside for car parking. Greta Thunberg Joins Local Students Calling on Climate Crisis Action: She's been in the news quite a bit lately as the face of the student-led global movement to strike and protest until elected leaders and major corporations take serious steps to lower carbon emissions and ward off the worst possible outcomes of the climate crisis.

Greta Thunberg was in town to address Congressional leaders, but first she stopped by a local, weekly student-led protest outside of the White House. While Greta gets a lot of attention, remember we have some great young leaders here in the District who are stepping up to raise awareness and call for change as well, and I am proud of them all. Related: Climate crisis got you stressed out? DCist did a nice write-up on ways to help reduce your family's carbon footprint locally.

The only one I'll add that's missing is purchasing your home's energy from renewable sources with both Pepco and Washington Gas -- it's easy to switch and both renters and homeowners can make the switch. One Year After the Fire, Seniors from Arthur Capper Reunite: It was my pleasure to join seniors who lived at the Arthur Capper Senior Housing Building for a party and a reunion to mark one year since the tragic fire that destroyed their homes.

I am happy to report everyone is settled into new homes, with many staying nearby in Ward 6. I am still in awe of the resiliency, strength, and sense of community that continues. I want to give a special shout-out to Otis and the other DPR staff at Arthur Capper Community Center who went above and beyond for a special party to bring everyone together. While that night last year was a scary one and the days that followed were full of uncertainty, I am proud of how far everyone has come together since then. Households that have a lead service line are automatically eligible for 50 percent support , if not more based on what your household's income is.

The traffic volume in was recorded at approximately 14, vehicles per day compared to 4, vehicles per day in Staff received feedback from fourteen 14 area residents regarding the proposed parking prohibition and all residents expressed concerns regarding removing on-street parking due to the speed of motorists.

Staff have implemented a form of traffic calming along Ferndale Drive South in the past to help reduce the overall operating speed of the roadway. This measure was a radar speed board which provides a visual queue to notify drivers of their speed and reduce their operating speed.

This was implemented in accordance with the council policy which states a reduced speed limit can be implemented on all arterial roadways which have direct frontage to an elementary school and a daily traffic volume greater than 5, vehicles per day. The purpose of the reduced speed limit is to decrease the operating speed near elementary schools where vulnerable pedestrians are present. A Community Safety Zone doubles all traffic fines which helps deter traffic violations. Currently, the City operates a permissive truck route which outlines where commercial and heavy vehicles are permitted to travel, however vehicles may detour from these routes to complete a delivery.

Residents also expressed concerns regarding the need for on-street parking to permit parking for visitors. There would still be parking permitted along the adjacent side streets or nearby City parking lots such as Ferndale Park parking lot to accommodate visitor parking. As well as vehicles having difficulty entering and existing residential driveways due to vehicles obstructing the motorists line of sight.

Staff reviewed the last three 3 years of collision history for Ferndale Drive South and found three 3 collisions directly related to on-street parking. Staff also found nine 9 collisions related to vehicles exiting residential driveways colliding with motorists. Although, these collisions did not indicate direct involvement due to on-street parking staff noted during field observations that on-street parking obstructed sight lines as vehicles were entering onto Ferndale Drive South.

Concerns were raised regarding how the proposed parking prohibition along Ferndale Drive South would affect drop off and pick up at Ferndale Woods Elementary School.

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This is a similar practise that the City implements at elementary schools where parking is prohibited in front of the school to prevent vehicles from parking for long duration causing operational and safety concerns regarding unattended vehicles impeding traffic and reducing sight lines of pedestrians. Staff issued a comment sheet to the Simcoe County District School Board to solicit their feedback regarding the proposed parking prohibition, staff did not receive any comments or concerns.

Staff reviewed this suggested and do not recommend this as permitting parking during evenings and weekends would not remove the current operational and safety concerns regarding vehicles and City buses weaving, impeding residential driveways, and the required capacity requirements.

terry fox — NEWS — Kelly Broome Councillor Ward 6 Newmarket

Staff reviewed extending the proposed parking prohibition along Ferndale Drive South between Ardagh Road and Essa Road, as this segment of roadway also has a traffic volume of approximately 14, vehicles as well and requires the use of all four 4 lanes to provide a sufficient level of service and capacity requirements. Staff have completed field observations and did not note any on-street parking along Ferndale Drive South between Ardagh Road and Essa Road. Although staff did not note any vehicles parking, staff are recommending prohibiting parking along this segment of Ferndale Drive as well to achieve the desired level of service and capacity requirements.

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July 12, ParamedicNat. That makes her discovery of an unlikely father figure even more tender. An Ojibwe mother, hollowed out after being raped, is emotionally unavailable to her year-old son, and her psychic absence sets the North Dakota boy reeling. As Joe comes of age, he does so with a new understanding of the brutality the world can inflict on the undervalued. The person his mother was before will never exist again; she is the story's ghost. In Ward's new novel, Sing, Unburied, Sing , a black teenager joins his addict mother on a road trip to pick up the boy's father at a Mississippi prison.

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The Hero of Ward 6 The Hero of Ward 6
The Hero of Ward 6 The Hero of Ward 6
The Hero of Ward 6 The Hero of Ward 6
The Hero of Ward 6 The Hero of Ward 6
The Hero of Ward 6 The Hero of Ward 6
The Hero of Ward 6 The Hero of Ward 6
The Hero of Ward 6 The Hero of Ward 6
The Hero of Ward 6 The Hero of Ward 6
The Hero of Ward 6

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