The Heart of Esther

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But what could he do? Esther heard of his distress and sent clothes to him, but Mordecai refused to take comfort.

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Now the reason seemed to be emerging. Why was Esther afraid to appear before her husband the king? Here was her greatest test of faith. She was afraid, as she freely revealed in her reply to Mordecai. To appear before the king unsummoned meant a death sentence. Only if the king held out his golden scepter was the offender spared. Esther told Mordecai that the king had not invited her to see him in 30 days! Such neglect left her plenty of reason to wonder if she had fallen out of favor with this capricious monarch.

He assured her that if she failed to act, salvation for the Jews would arise from some other source. But how could she expect to be spared once the persecution gathered force? Here Mordecai showed his profound faith in Jehovah, who would never let His people be exterminated and His promises go unfulfilled. He trusted completely in his God, Jehovah. Do we? Finally, though, the moment came. She dressed in her very best royal finery, doing all she could to appeal to the king.

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Then she went. Describe how events unfolded as Esther appeared before her husband. We can only imagine the anxious thoughts and fervent prayers filling her mind and heart. She entered the courtyard, where she could see Ahasuerus on his throne. If she had to wait, it must have felt like an eternity. He was surely surprised, but his expression softened.

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He held out his golden scepter! She had taken a stand for her God and for her people, setting a beautiful example of faith for all servants of God down through time. True Christians today cherish such examples. Jesus said that his genuine followers would be marked by self-sacrificing love. How would she convince the king that his favorite adviser, Haman, was a wicked schemer?

How could she help to save her people? We will consider these questions in the following chapter. Xerxes needed a vast store of funds to carry out his long-proposed but ultimately disastrous war against Greece.

The king ordered that a pontoon bridge of ships be built across the strait of Hellespont. In the same campaign, when a wealthy man begged that his son be excused from joining the army, Xerxes had the son cut in half, his body displayed as a warning. Skip to content Skip to table of contents. Yes No. This question has been a source of controversy for centuries.

Something else must have been going on. Esther fits the mold of other Old Testament heroes who were clearly guided by the Lord.

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Like Joseph see Ge — , Esther was imprisoned but found favor with her captors and rose to a position of power to save the Jews. In addition, Mordecai, like both Joseph see Ge —44 and Daniel see Da , came to a position of power second only to the king. Still, the question remains: Did the writer deliberately edit God out of the story?

This was my place of death. I had to come to the place where I said to the Lord and to Paul that if we were never intimate again, I would still continue to love and serve him. My choice to die in that area has brought about the greatest blessings in my life. God called me to die so that in His time He could bring resurrection power to that which was dead.

God has restored that part of our marriage, and now we act like honeymooners all the time!

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It is wonderful! Ask God, and He will show you where you need to die. Your area of surrender may be different from mine. One woman felt that she was to keep her mouth shut—that was her death. I spoke with a woman today who for 23 years has sat back and been quiet and never spoken up to her husband.

As I talked to her, I explained that death for her is probably going to be facing her husband and confronting him over his sin. See II Timothy and Hebrews Holding each other accountable is to be done without hypocrisy and in a spirit of genuine love, and this must come after prayer, fasting, and crying out to the Lord. It must come out of a spirit of love and concern for your family and not out of bitterness for how you have been mistreated.

Repent of your bitterness, ask God for grace to carry out the plan He is giving you, and move on. Keep reminding yourself of that. Esther diligently sought the Lord, and He enabled her to effectively present her appeal. It was from the place of service that Esther was able to make her appeal. As she served the king, she gained his attention. He was now ready to listen to her heart. This area is a challenge for me. I tend to serve my children before my husband. Once again, ask the Lord what you can do to serve your husband as Esther did.

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Ladies: fast, pray, cry out to the Lord, surrender to Him, and serve your husband. Once you have done these things, God will give you a plan of appeal just like He gave to Esther. He granted her wisdom to know how to serve the king in order to capture his attention. She needed him to be willing to hear her appeal, to listen to her heart, and to respond in order to save her family from destruction.

What is your appeal? Can we please seek help? I see these problems, and they are destroying our children and our marriage. Ask questions of your husband and his struggles, and make sure you are not hiding anything yourself.

The Heart of Esther
The Heart of Esther
The Heart of Esther
The Heart of Esther
The Heart of Esther
The Heart of Esther
The Heart of Esther
The Heart of Esther

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