Sistema italiano di Diritto Internazionale Privato (Italian Edition)

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These rules provided for that the relations between spouses were governed by the national law of the husband and the relations between parents and children by the national law of the father. It must be noted, however, that it also regulates international arbitration Articles , that in Italy is regulated by Articles of the Code of Civil Procedure. In Germany : Basedow J. Contra : Ballarino T.

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N. Boschiero, Appunti sulla riforma del sistema italiano di diritto internazionale privato - Persée

Recommend this journal. International Journal of Legal Information. Italy and China: Strategic Partners Since The existence of investment relationships that have been ongoing since has allowed the formation of a strategic partnership between Italy and China. The main instrument of the strategic partnership is the Italy-China Government Committee. The Committee is chaired by the Foreign Ministers of the Italian and Chinese government, and has so far held nine meetings.

The Strategic Partnership is just one of the tools that Italy can choose to use to bring a national contribution to the New Silk Road. Indeed, within the Committee it is possible to launch a whole series of cooperation plans and programs, consistent with the objectives of the New Silk Road.

Italy has used these opportunities. Since , the Strategic Partnership has anticipated some of the issues that would have become matters of public passion only in March First, our country has made a commitment to coordinate its governmental policies with the policies of the Chinese government 15 years ago. Coordination involves the aeronautical and aerospace, infrastructure and transport, energy, agriculture, health, environmental protection, information, and innovation sectors. Secondly, Italy's commitment to remove tariff and non-tariff barriers to Chinese direct investments in Italy, and to the importation of Chinese goods is now three decades old.

Thirdly, our country's decision to intensify cooperation for the construction of a trans-European transport network TEN-T , and to increase incoming tourist flows, cultural and scientific exchanges, and technology transfers was completed well before March Making a choice does not necessarily imply its concrete implementation, but lays the foundation for future action. International financial institutions along the New Silk Road.

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Realizing the vision of the New Silk Road requires huge financial resources. To find the capital needed to implement infrastructure projects, but also initiatives to promote closer integration between peoples, Beijing has created three new international financial institutions: the Silk Road Fund, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and the Inter-bank Consortium of the Shanghai Cooperation Association.

Of these institutions, and of the role that Italy plays in them, little has been said during the course of the formation of the Memorandum of Understanding. Italy does not participate in the Silk Road Fund, as this investment fund is controlled entirely by the People's Republic of China. Its Interbank Consortium is an organization created to finance infrastructure projects implemented by member states. It is an institution that finances projects only in the rural sectors, energy, environmental protection, the transport and telecommunications, water resources, urban development and logistics.

It is a partner of the World Bank, and has concluded cooperation agreements with regional banking institutions on the Asian, African, American and European continents. It is therefore an international financial institution that is deeply embedded in the global finance system and is required to play on the basis of international regulation. Less known to the general public, most AIIB funding is aimed at infrastructure projects implemented in Asian countries.

Even on this type of investment there are precise rules, which require that infrastructure projects facilitate trade and connectivity with Asian countries, for example through the construction of ports, electrical systems, gas pipelines, oil pipelines, etc. The Statute is an international treaty, which allows the AIIB to operate within the framework of international law, but also of the soft law norms.

The internal regulatory framework of the AIIB is largely transparent. Italy acquired only 2. This share of votes is lower than the shares held by Germany 4. In second place is India, with 7. These funds, however, are to be shared with the other 23 BAII European members, as decided based on the voting power of the individual states.

Any funding obtained from the BAII must be used by companies in our country to make infrastructure investments in Asia. Investments in Europe are possible only if they facilitate trade with other countries of the New Silk Road, or if the connections between the respective physical and digital infrastructures improve. Given the shares held by Italy, and the conditions under which loans can be granted, the much-feared "debt trap" seems at the moment to be a distant possibility. Conclusion: Data, data, data The fears of the general public, however, did not focus on Chinese direct investments and the financial mechanisms of the New Silk Road - obscure issues for most people.

The most pessimistic scenarios raised by the general public mirrored some of the views expressed during the domestic debate, centering on the potential for a large deficit in Italian exports to China. Having accurate data on import-export flows between Italy and China is rather complex, but it is certain that Italy imports more from China than our companies can sell in the Asian giant.

Edited by Jürgen Basedow, Giesela Rühl, Franco Ferrari and Pedro de Miguel Asensio

Or at least that was the state of affairs until before the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding. To be taken into account is the existence of objective differences between the dimensions of the Italian economic system, and those of the Chinese economy, now the world's second largest economy. In the absence of data accessible to the public, complete, broken down by year, region and sector of the economy, an exhaustive analysis of investment flows and import-export is not possible.

Nor is it possible to make reliable forecasts on the future trend of investment flows. But it is still possible to foresee a further intensification and growth of the relationships established 40 years ago, as well as the benefits that the "Italian system" will continue to enjoy. Ultimately, the path that led to the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding was built over time, step by step, by all the men and women who made the history of relations between Italy and China.

If the Memorandum of Understanding sends a univocal signal, it indicates the will of our country, and of China, to continue in the relations that by now have been maintaining for forty years. The four books of which she is the author or curator have been published by Brill, Edward Elgar, Routledge and Cambridge University Press.

Her comments and opinion articles on China, corporate social responsibility, and the differences between China's institutional system and the Castro-Marxism of the Caribbean are available on Law at the End of the Day , as well as on the blogs of British universities and Australia. I am almost ashamed to deal with them.

La tutela della famiglia nell'UE - Diritto internazionale privato (Sessione II)

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Sistema italiano di Diritto Internazionale Privato (Italian Edition) Sistema italiano di Diritto Internazionale Privato (Italian Edition)
Sistema italiano di Diritto Internazionale Privato (Italian Edition) Sistema italiano di Diritto Internazionale Privato (Italian Edition)
Sistema italiano di Diritto Internazionale Privato (Italian Edition) Sistema italiano di Diritto Internazionale Privato (Italian Edition)
Sistema italiano di Diritto Internazionale Privato (Italian Edition) Sistema italiano di Diritto Internazionale Privato (Italian Edition)
Sistema italiano di Diritto Internazionale Privato (Italian Edition) Sistema italiano di Diritto Internazionale Privato (Italian Edition)
Sistema italiano di Diritto Internazionale Privato (Italian Edition) Sistema italiano di Diritto Internazionale Privato (Italian Edition)
Sistema italiano di Diritto Internazionale Privato (Italian Edition) Sistema italiano di Diritto Internazionale Privato (Italian Edition)
Sistema italiano di Diritto Internazionale Privato (Italian Edition) Sistema italiano di Diritto Internazionale Privato (Italian Edition)

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