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1: Get interviews into your blog posts

Thanks Oni. Writing indeed has got a lot to help us earn money. As long as we know the basics and we have got the style, earning money writing is not impossible at all. Thanks for this share Onibalusi. We are doing a challenge and we need experts to contribute to it. Those are really great ideas and some are not so obvious for many people who might be looking for various way to make money writing.

It was way more than informative. Very good job, great detail and very valuable stuff. Seems like I will have to dig deeper. You surely are building your reputation as an expert writer! I think websites like Elance are cool, but sometimes the competition can be so great that it will be difficult for the ordinary writer to stand out. The best approach, though, is to have your own blog. Glad to see this article is getting lot of comments. I will like you guys to make use of what Oni advised here and not just comment alone.

I really appreciate this great post! You have covered almost all methods to make money online! Even I mostly prefer to use some of the above methods! Great share!

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I'm Bamidele Onibalusi, a young writer and blogger. I believe writers are unique and highly talented individuals that should be given the respect they deserve. This blog offers practical advice to help you become truly in charge of your writing career. Action 1: Offer Ghostwriting Services to Others 1 — 2 hours One quick action you can take to start making money from your writing is to offer ghostwriting services to others.

Steps to get better ghostwriting clients in 40 minutes a day : Obviously, making enough money from ghostwriting based on the above calculation means you need an adequate list of clients. Action 2: Guest Blogging Service 1 hour Guest blogging is currently one of the most important and popular marketing strategies on the internet, and a lot of companies and individuals are actively looking for people to help them with their guest blogging. Steps to take : There are a few steps to take. Some of these steps are only taken once, and some repeatedly. Action 4: Create and Sell a Mini Guide 5 — 6 hours You can also make money by writing and selling mini guides.

Here are a few steps to take to make your mini guides a success : 1. Action 5: Write for Paid Blogging Sites 1 — 2 hours Another action you can take today to make money writing is to write for paid blogging sites. Action 6: Write for Revenue Sharing Sites 30 — 60 minutes There are a lot of big websites online that depend on search engine traffic to make money, and some of these websites will allow you to contribute an article in exchange for a percentage of revenues your articles earn.

Resource : List of 28 Revenue Sharing Sites Action 7: Write for Magazines 2 hours There are a lot of online magazines that publish tons of articles every day. Action 8: Get Paid to Write Sales Letters for Others set your hours There are a lot of big websites and companies launching a product or service every day, and most of these companies and websites need a solid sales letter to thrive.

Action Write and Sell eBooks several hours Quality eBooks that are worth being paid for take several hours to plan and compile, and you can easily make money online by writing and selling eBooks. Here are some steps to help you get the best from selling ebooks : 1. Make sure your market is well researched. Action Newsletter Writing 1 hour Email marketing is a key tactic these days, and there are a lot of individuals and companies that will happily pay you to write marketing emails for them.

6 Easy Steps to Get You Launched as a Paid Writer

Action Write Non-Fiction for E-Readers several hours With the kind of huge user base e-readers like the Kindle and Nook have, and with the kind of success experienced by authors lately, going the self-publishing route might be a smart idea. Action Start Blogging several hours Being a blogger can also be a great way to make money writing.

Action Write Web Content for Pay 30 — 60 minutes You can also make money by writing web content for top websites online. Action Technical Writing 3 — 4 hours There are several companies and individuals that are in need of people to help them write manuals and instructions about products they just released, and you can easily make a lot of money by offering your services to them.

Writing these manuals can take some time, but you will surely get paid enough for your work. Action Review Writing 1 — 2 hours Another quick action you can do to make money writing is by helping people write reviews.

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Action Resume Writing 1 hour With the high rate of unemployment in the world today, and the kind of competition those looking for jobs are facing, having the right resume can make a difference, which is why a lot of people are willing to have qualified writers help them write their resumes. Action Business Writing 2 hours There are a lot of businesses online that want to get funding, get press coverage, gain exposure and achieve other kinds of results. Action Develop New Skills, and Improve on Existing Ones 1 hour While using any of the above approach can put some money in your pocket, spending an hour a day doing something unique to help make you a better writer, a better editor or a better marketer will go a long way to impact your career.

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+ Ways to Get Paid to Write

This is more than enough to choose from. Thx once again! Harry Sehgal says:. Your Post Always Motivates me to explore myself.

10 Sites Paying Per Post You Write

Nice Post, Bookmarked it. Gregory Ciotti says:. Awesome list Oni! Always enjoy how actionable your advice is. Anne writing site says:. Another great post, Oni.

Top Ways to Make Money Online (and Offline) in 12222

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The 4 Best Ways to Earn Income Writing in 2018 (and the 3 Worst)

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Wow Cinz! Thanks so much for the awesome comment! Greg says:. Your Posts are very motivational. Learning so much from you and your blog. Business Ideas and Tips says:. Mark Aylward says:. Pretty creative Oni I once again would like to know when you sleep? You teach very well how we should use these points step by step in our work for get success. Ken Weiss says:. Hi Oni, in addition to the amazingly detailed list, I like that you added links for more info, so we are not fishing around the Internet for info.

Regards, Ken. Erik Emanuelli says:. Hello Oni, I think you are gifted in writing, it is a very informative post, with great resources. Writing is like a workout, you can improve yourself with time. Nuwamanya Mategyero says:. Eric murphyy says:. Olusegun says:. Oni i must confess to you, You are too good. Harleena Singh says:. Wow- what an awesome post! Sheyi says:.

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Getting Paid to Write on the Internet: Can it be done?

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Simple Ways To Get Paid Writing …….. Simple Ways To Get Paid Writing ……..
Simple Ways To Get Paid Writing …….. Simple Ways To Get Paid Writing ……..
Simple Ways To Get Paid Writing …….. Simple Ways To Get Paid Writing ……..
Simple Ways To Get Paid Writing …….. Simple Ways To Get Paid Writing ……..
Simple Ways To Get Paid Writing …….. Simple Ways To Get Paid Writing ……..
Simple Ways To Get Paid Writing …….. Simple Ways To Get Paid Writing ……..
Simple Ways To Get Paid Writing …….. Simple Ways To Get Paid Writing ……..
Simple Ways To Get Paid Writing …….. Simple Ways To Get Paid Writing ……..

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