Screw It! Ill Be My Own Contractor

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Avoid Costly Problems

Honesthomeowner on Monday, January 28, PM. I would pay my contractor but he over shot everydeadline and budget that HE set I gave him four months to bulid a sq ft basement and we had to puch our project back 2 weeks because he couldnt get it. He quoted me grand to do a basement, 3 car garage with a loft, fully developed with all mechanical elec, and plumbing He's at K and I have no siding on the walls, house wrap blowing in the wind, no shingles on the garage, no flat work done in the garage, i could go on How do i deal with this 'legit' contractor? The money does run out.. I am no deadbeat, I'm just not a guy who wants to pay for crappy contractors to burn my cash right in front of me I got three other estimates to bring the project to insulated and poly'd stage.

Cause that's what its going to cost to fix his crappy work. I think that's fair. What about you? Alex on Friday, December 20, PM. I was hired by a subcontractor I worked for him 2 weeks straight and he bailed out on me gave me the run around. I approached the general contractor and he told me he had nothing to with it that he paid the subcontractor and to go deal with him. At this time of the year is when most is needed to provide for my family. What can I do? Is the GC responsible to pay me? Can someone give me advise.

Lenora on Friday, June 13, PM. We have a written contract with a gc to renovate our kitchen and they have been paid in full for this job. The general contractor has failed to pay the sub-contractor whose attorneys have therefore put a mechanical lien on our property. Where can we get help? Reggie on Monday, July 14, PM. I subcontracted some apartment units for this guy. He usually paid every Friday, but there was an issue about how the units were painted. I painted the units like I was told to. The problem was communication between two parties from the rental property he works for.

Is he obligated to pay me when work is finished or when he is paid from them? Oubliette on Monday, August 4, PM.

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Can a super of a co-op get a raise if the building is losing money? Jason dukes on Sunday, February 1, PM.

How much money should a general contractor give a sub contractor at the start of the job? Jill on Friday, February 27, AM. If a Corporation has a Management, Inc. We live in Maryland.

Screw It! I'll Be My Own Contractor

In this case, we can not put on a lien because all houses have been sold, which means the corporation should have been paid for the subcontractor work. Should the funds have gone to pay the subcontractors first? And, if yes, can we compel the owner to give an exact account of all funds? You state that in this article, but not exactly sure. Sounds like you would have to add the owner as a party to the suit? Thank you for your help! What can a small guy like me do against a large corporation such as this who seemingly has gotten big by bullying small subs?

So you want to be a consultant...?

They beat up prices months after work is complete. They come up with all kinds of hoops to jump through to stall payments. I had talked to a returned attorney about helping with my software business with contracts and collection. I've been a squeaky clean remodeler for 40 years. Last week the customer pulled the plug as the job was taking longer than anticipated.

I've made it clear, that I will finish, even though it will cost more than is owed. The customer decided they aren't going to pay the balance of the contract even though they expect me to finish. What to do? Bill on Wednesday, August 12, PM. GC has paid for work completed to date per contract to date, subcontractor states that he has performed additional work with per agreements with the owner and not the GC present, however sub wants GC to pay for these "extras" GC also believes these task were in original scope to begin with without any form of notice or authorization from GC.

Sub now is threatening to lien owners property unless GC agrees to "extras" that were part of his original contract. Contract states all CO's must be in written form and approved prior to start of work by GC.

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What recourse does GC have for this claim? Sub has abandoned project, GC is now supplementing remaining work.

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I've been a sub contractor for the last 9 years for a fire prevention business in the state of California. My work is given to me at the beginning of each month and I have til the end of the month to complete all mentioned work. I turn in my work every bi monthly and am not paid on the immediate work turned in until the next turn in of work following two weeks later.

The contractor has made statements that the work is not fully complete until the customer has paid the bill. Is this correct? The customer is given 30 days to pay. When they have not paid after three months then the business owner will take out the full amount that was paid to me 3 months prior from my current check. I've been also notified that it is my obligation, free of pay, to try and collect on these jobs or else the said amount that was taken back will not be given back to me until customer pays. Is this legal or correct? I'm a small business owner I have men who depend on me to pay them after they"ve worked.

I've got former employees threating me with liens this shouldn't be that difficult the works done the business is open and thriving why cant I get paid. Daniel patterson on Saturday, December 10, AM. I am a drywall subcontractor. I did a very large commercial job. I paid for all materials I needed for my work out of my own money. Supercharge your SEO! First Name. Get the free 'Construction Lead Gen' package now!

Becoming a Contractor

Name First Last. I'd like a free min demonstration on how you get people higher on Google and get them more leads with SEO. Watch this quick video to see how savvy businesses save time and hook better leads:.

Related Posts. How to Start a Roofing Company. There are many ways of structuring a self-employed practice, and I'll touch on two that are at different ends of the spectrum. I only have my own experience to draw on, so these should be considered broad generalities rather than pigeonhole-type definitions.

I have gotten substantial pushback on these definitions, so I urge you to take them only generally. I mainly operate as a traditional consultant, and though from time to time have done one-time projects on a contract basis, this paper mainly addresses the consulting relationship. The single biggest surprise to prospective consultants is when I suggest that their technical skills will not be their biggest asset. Those skills are required, of course, and often help get you in the door, but the long-term customer relationships on which a consultant depends are built on one thing only:.

Your customer certainly has to believe you can do the job, but they cannot wonder if you're going to get back to them, or if you're going to do something stupid again? Your practice is never more stable than when your customers trust you completely to take care of them. I still have my first customer from , plus several others since before , and I've been asked to do work I was clearly not the best for, simply because my customer liked doing business with me.

Is My Contractor Overcharging Me? - Comments

Many moons ago I knew a gal who was a salesperson for the computer vendor I did business with, and she was not even close to being as technically competent as I was. When she left to do consulting, I figured she'd never make it because of the "lack" of those skills. But she did make it, and did a damn good job, too. It didn't take long before her subject-matter skills were as good as her customer-service skills, which made her a gift from God to her customers: within a wide range of problem space, they would rather pay her to figure something out than hire somebody else who already knew how.

It wasn't until later in my career that I found this out for myself.

Screw It!  Ill Be My Own Contractor Screw It! Ill Be My Own Contractor
Screw It!  Ill Be My Own Contractor Screw It! Ill Be My Own Contractor
Screw It!  Ill Be My Own Contractor Screw It! Ill Be My Own Contractor
Screw It!  Ill Be My Own Contractor Screw It! Ill Be My Own Contractor
Screw It!  Ill Be My Own Contractor Screw It! Ill Be My Own Contractor
Screw It!  Ill Be My Own Contractor Screw It! Ill Be My Own Contractor

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