Merleau-Ponty and Buddhism

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Fourteen distinguished contributors discuss deconstruction and various Buddhisms-Indian, Tibetan, and Chinese Chan -followed by an afterword in which Magliola responds directly to his critics. In a few years, she became increasingly involved in women's movements in Korea, speaking against society's control of female sexuality and demanding sexual freedom and free divorce for women.

Merleau-Ponty and Buddhism

She returned to the world of letters in her sixties, using her strong, distinctive voice to address fundamental questions on the scope of identity, the meaning of being human, and the value of existence. In her writing, she frequently adopted an autobiographical style that combined her experiences with Buddhist teachings.

It presents a fascinating narrative on how women connect with the world--whether through social issues such as gender inequality, a Buddhist worldview, or existential debates on human existence and provides readers with a new way of philosophizing that is transformative and deeply connected with everyday life. Buddhism and postmodernity : Zen, Huayan, and the possibility of Buddhist postmodern ethics by Jin Y Park Book 8 editions published between and in English and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide Through a close analysis of Zen encounter dialogues gong'ans and Huayan Buddhist philosophy, Buddhism and the Politics of Postmodernity offers a new ethical paradigm for Buddhist-postmodern philosophy.

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Buddhisms and deconstructions Book 1 edition published in in English and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide. Wonhyo : selected works Book 1 edition published in in English and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide.

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A reinvestigation of early Mozart : the three keyboard concertos, K. Quan shi xue zhuan ti by Pa ma Book 1 edition published in in Chinese and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide.

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The collected works of Korean Buddhism. Process Parameter Optimization with Numerical modelling and Experimentation design of Binder Jet Additive Manufacturing by Sairam Vangapally 1 edition published in in English and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide Binder jetting technology is an additive manufacturing technology in which powder materials are binded together layer by layer forming the product from input CAD model.

Maurice Merleau-Ponty – The Imperfect Buddha

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FE models of different lattice designs were developed from experimental test data using ANSYS and the simulated compressive behavior is compared to that experimental compression test results. Audience Level. Park is associate professor of philosophy and religion at American University. Gereon Kopf is associate professor of religion at Luther College.

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Merleau-Ponty and Buddhism is comparative philosophy at its best. The chapter authors clearly and insightfully draw out the resonances as well as the often equally illuminating contrasts between this key 20th century phenomenologist and a rich variety of Buddhist figures and schools of thought. Going beyond a simple demarcation of similarities and differences, however, the authors take advantage of the dialogical space opened up as an opportunity to engage in the practice of philosophizing itself, which in this case includes questioning the very nature and limits of philosophy as such.

Park and Gereon Kopf have done scholars of phenomenology as well as those of Buddhist thought a great service in assembling and co-authoring this volume, which is bound to leave a positive and lasting impact on both fields.

Davis, Professor of Philosophy, Loyola University Maryland, USA The French phenomenologist Merleau-Ponty independently rediscovered something that has long been articulated in many of the various strains of Mahayana Buddhist practice, namely the ambiguous interpenetration and dependent becoming of the self and its world. These two sites of thinking have much to say to each other and in this important and provocative volume they are brought into dialogue.

In these strong and diverse essays, we do not merely learn what is the same and what is different in these two interlocutors. The intermediary nature of both becomes a model for comparative thinking itself. This edited volume includes chapters by solid scholars and thinkers who attempt to bridge the gap between the unrelated traditions of Buddhism and Continental thought while seeing a "third space" for philosophical resonance that advances our discourses on the body, its space, and life-world.

Merleau-Ponty and Buddhism Merleau-Ponty and Buddhism
Merleau-Ponty and Buddhism Merleau-Ponty and Buddhism
Merleau-Ponty and Buddhism Merleau-Ponty and Buddhism
Merleau-Ponty and Buddhism Merleau-Ponty and Buddhism
Merleau-Ponty and Buddhism Merleau-Ponty and Buddhism
Merleau-Ponty and Buddhism Merleau-Ponty and Buddhism
Merleau-Ponty and Buddhism Merleau-Ponty and Buddhism
Merleau-Ponty and Buddhism Merleau-Ponty and Buddhism
Merleau-Ponty and Buddhism

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