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Long-time staff [ who? Morale was abysmal; longtime employees who were paid bonus and retirement in stock options saw the value of these instruments fade away. In , RadioShack called itself the single largest seller of consumer telecommunications products in the world; its stock reached its peak a year later. The RadioShack brand remained in use in the United States , but the 21st century proved a period of long decline for the chain, which was slow to respond to key trends— such as e-commerce , the entry of competitors like Best Buy and Amazon. By , smartphone sales, rather than general electronics, accounted for half of the chain's revenue.

Electronic parts formerly stocked in stores were now mostly only available through on-line special order. Store employees concentrated efforts selling profitable mobile contracts, while other customers seeking assistance were neglected and left the stores in frustration. Demand for consumer electronics was also increasingly being weakened by consumers buying the items online. In early , RadioShack introduced Fix , a sweeping program to "correct" inventory and profitability issues company-wide.

The program put the 1, lowest-graded store managers, of over 5,, on notice of the need to improve. Managers were graded not on tangible store and personnel data but on one-on-one interviews with district management. Typically, a day period was given for the manager to improve thus causing another manager to then be selected for Fix A total of 1, store managers were reassigned as sales associates or terminated in a 6-month period.

By the first quarter of , the metrics of skill assessment used during Fix had already been discarded, and the corporate officer who created the program had resigned. In , RadioShack was the target of a class-action lawsuit in which more than 3, current or former RadioShack managers alleged the company required them to work long hours without overtime pay.

Jones, the webmaster of RadioShackSucks. In , a switch in featured wireless providers caused a 62 percent drop in fourth-quarter earnings because of an inventory write-down, sending the company's shares to an almost three-year low. RadioShack's board of directors appointed Julian C. Day as chairman and chief executive officer on July 7, Day had financial experience and had played a key role in revitalizing such companies as Safeway , Sears and Kmart but lacked any practical front-line sales experience needed to run a retail company.

The Consumerist named him one of the "10 Crappiest CEOs" of among consumer-facing companies, according to their own employees. Magnacca from Walgreens , because he had experience in retail. In the spring of , RadioShack announced a strategy to increase average unit volume, lower overhead costs, and grow profitable square footage. In early to mid, RadioShack closed nearly locations. It was determined that some stores were too close to each other, causing them to compete with one another for the same customers.

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Despite these actions, stock prices plummeted within what was otherwise a booming market. On August 10, , RadioShack announced plans to eliminate a fifth of its company headquarters workforce to reduce overhead expense, improving its long-term competitive position while supporting a significantly smaller number of stores.

Unfortunately your position is one that has been eliminated. Instead of issuing severance payments immediately, the company withheld them to ensure that company-issued BlackBerrys, laptops and cellphones were returned.

The company implemented a plan of action to address existing and future customer service issues. Stores were directed to post a sign with the district manager's name, the question "How Are We Doing? As of , the BBB had upgraded RadioShack from an "F" to an "A" rating; this was changed to "no rating" after the bankruptcy filing. According to an experience ratings report published by Temkin Group, an independent research firm, RadioShack was ranked as the retailer with the worst overall customer experience; it maintained this position for six consecutive years.

With too many underperforming stores remaining open, the chain continued to spiral toward bankruptcy. On June 10, , RadioShack said that it had enough cash to last 12 months, but that lasting a year depended on sales growing. On September 11, , RadioShack admitted it might have to file for bankruptcy, and would be unable to finance its operations "beyond the very near term" unless the company was sold, restructured, or received a major cash infusion.

Circuit Court of Appeals in On January 15, , The Wall Street Journal reported RadioShack had delayed rent payments to some commercial landlords [] and was preparing a bankruptcy filing that could come as early as February. Officials of the company declined to comment on the report.

On the days following these reports, some employees were instructed to reduce prices and transfer inventory out of stores designated for closing to those that would remain open during the presumed upcoming bankruptcy proceedings, [] while the rest remained "in the dark" as to the company's future.

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Some had been open with a skeleton crew , little inventory and reduced hours only because the Salus Capital loan terms limited the chain to store closures a year. On February 5, , RadioShack announced that it had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Customers had initially been given until March 6, to return merchandise or redeem unused gift cards.

As part of the deal, the company entered into a partnership with Sprint, in which the company would become a co-tenant at 1, RadioShack locations and establish store within a store areas devoted to selling its wireless brands, including Sprint, Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile. The stores would collect commissions on the sale of Sprint products, and Sprint would assist in promotion. Although they would be treated as a co-tenant, the Sprint branding would be more prominent in promotion and exterior signage than that of RadioShack. The acquisition did not include rights to RadioShack's intellectual property such as its trademarks , rights to RadioShack's franchised locations, and customer records, which were to be sold separately.

RadioShack was criticized for including customers' personally identifying information as part of its assets for sale during the proceedings, despite its long-standing policy and a promise to customers that data would never be sold for any reason at any time. The sale of this data was approved, albeit greatly reduced from what was initially proposed. It formed the affiliate, General Wireless Operations, to act as the new parent company for the brand.

This new RadioShack focused on its partnership with Sprint in the hopes of carrying on the brand. Re-branded stores soft launched on April 10, , with a preliminary conversion of the stores' existing wireless departments to exclusively house Sprint brands, with all stores eventually to be renovated in waves to allocate larger spaces for Sprint. Less than one year after the bankruptcy events of , Ron Garriques and Marty Amschler stepped down from their respective chief executive officer and chief financial officer positions; Garriques had held his position for nine months.

It was speculated on March 2, that General Wireless was preparing to take RadioShack through its second bankruptcy in two years. RadioShack's Chapter 11 bankruptcy was formally filed on March 8, Despite declaring Chapter 11 bankruptcy typically reserved for reorganization of debt instead of Chapter 7 liquidation , the company engaged in liquidation of all inventory, supplies, and store fixtures, as well as auctioning off old memorabilia. These stores closed after Memorial Day Weekend of One particular store closing in April garnered widespread media attention when a Facebook account, calling itself "RadioShack - Reynoldsburg, OH ", began lashing out at customers with messages such as "We closed.

Fuck all of you.

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On June 29, , RadioShack's creditors sued Sprint, claiming that it sabotaged its co-branded locations with newly built Sprint retail stores—which were constructed near well-performing RadioShack locations as determined by confidential sales information. The suit argued that Sprint's actions "destroyed nearly 6, RadioShack jobs".

In October , General Wireless officially exited bankruptcy and was allowed to retain the company's warehouse, e-commerce site, dealer network operations, and up to 28 stores. RadioShack dealerships had re-opened around stores by October The company sold the campus to Tarrant County College and, as of , had two years left of a rent-free lease in the building. In , Tandy Corp. The new company would take over operations of over 2, international company-owned and franchised stores, while Tandy retained its 7, domestic outlets and 30 of its manufacturing facilities.

At the end of , there were 1, stores operated by Intertan under the Tandy or Radio Shack names. Following the creation of Intertan, Tandy Electronics operated stores in Canada, [] and owned the rights to the RadioShack name. Radio Shack Corp. On March 24, , a U. Berjaya had six stores in Malaysia before it quietly ceased operations in In June , Grupo Gigante repurchased percent of RadioShack de Mexico, including stores, warehouses, and all related brand names and intellectual properties for use within Mexico, from the U.

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The chain had stores in Mexico at the time of the sale. While Radio Shack was facing a second bankruptcy in the United States, Grupo Gigante announced in October that they planned to expand the Radio Shack brand within Mexico by opening eight more stores. The company's relationship with Radio Shack dated back to , when Unicomer opened its first Radio Shack franchise store in El Salvador.

It later expanded into Honduras , Guatemala , and Nicaragua.

In April , Unicomer began receiving franchise payments from franchises in several countries that Unicomer had not previously had a business presents in. By the end of , Unicomer had company-owned stores located in the countries of Barbados, El Salvador, Guatemala, Guyana, Honduras, Jamaica, Nicaragua, and Trinidad while receiving franchise payments from independent franchised stores located in the countries of Antigua , Aruba , Costa Rica , Paraguay and Peru in which Unicomer did not have a business presence in.

By March , Radio Shack Egypt had 65 company-operated stores plus 15 sub-franchised stores. RadioShack's green initiative promotes the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation , which accepts end-of-life rechargeable batteries and wireless phones dropped off in-store to be safely recycled. In August , RadioShack opened kiosk-style stores inside Blockbuster outlets, only to abandon the project in February ; CEO Len Roberts announced that the stores did not meet expectations.

RadioShack operated wireless kiosks within Sam's Club discount warehouses from to No RadioShack-branded merchandise was sold. RadioShack then attempted a joint venture with Target to deploy mobile telephone kiosks in 1, Target stores by April On September 5, , RadioShack in a partnership with Cricket Wireless , began offering its own branded no-contract wireless services using Cricket and Sprint's nationwide networks. The service was discontinued on August 7, ; clients who had already purchased the service from RadioShack continue to receive service from Cricket Wireless. In , AutoZone brought suit against RadioShack for using the name PowerZone to promote a section of its retail stores, citing trademark infringement.

The charges were dropped due to lack of evidence.

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In June , a customer sued Sprint and RadioShack after finding pornography on their newly purchased cell phones. A class action judgement found that RadioShack had violated privacy requirements between August 24, and November 21, by printing the expiration date of clients' credit or debit cards on store receipts. A July ruling in Verderame v.

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  • Arc of Justice: A Saga of Race, Civil Rights, and Murder in the Jazz Age.

RadioShack Corp. So Good" in later editions because of threats of legal action by Tandy. Radio Shack is featured prominently in Short Circuit 2 , which serves as a "clinic" for Johnny 5 while he repairs himself after being assaulted by thieves. Radio Shack is mentioned and briefly featured on the pilot episode of Young Sheldon. The family returns to the Radio Shack store in a later episode, where his mother purchases him a Tandy In the movie Ocean's Eleven , after Livingston asks an FBI agent to not touch his equipment by asking, "Do you see me grabbing the gun out of your holster and waving it around?

In Kung Pow! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the electronics retailer.

Line Shack Tales (Collection One) Line Shack Tales (Collection One)
Line Shack Tales (Collection One) Line Shack Tales (Collection One)
Line Shack Tales (Collection One) Line Shack Tales (Collection One)
Line Shack Tales (Collection One) Line Shack Tales (Collection One)
Line Shack Tales (Collection One) Line Shack Tales (Collection One)
Line Shack Tales (Collection One) Line Shack Tales (Collection One)
Line Shack Tales (Collection One) Line Shack Tales (Collection One)

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