Life and Love, More Abundantly

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1. The present moment is enough

To experience the fullness of life in the Word, we must focus on the things of this world less and set our affection on things above more. Living carnally minded. Even though all Christians have been born again through faith in Christ, Christians can still chose to live a self-pleasing life. The Holy Spirit does not make us live to please God.

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He only empowers us to do so. If we choose to live otherwise, we will not experience the fullness of life Christ came for us to have. If any of the above three problem areas exist in your life, you must seriously eliminate them if you want to have life more abundantly. Jesus did not come only for you to go to heaven. He also came for you to have joy, fellowship with God, peace that passes understanding, etc. What lifestyle changes can you make today to experience life more abundantly? This is such excellent truth! I have found that the closer I walk with Jesus, the world becomes less and less attractive and my life in Christ becomes more and more abundant!

Thanks Pastor Frank. Jesus Christ came to give us life, and life more abundantly. However, this is not the case in the vast majority of our homes and community. That is why we still have a relatively beautiful and peaceful society. Many would pay lots of money to have a piece of land and build homes here. They want to live in our peaceful society and experience the harmony we have.

This is the other side to the coin. Our life is a constant battleground by the two forces, of good and evil. Jesus on one side and the devil Satan on the other side. Jesus offers abundant life, while the devil pursues destruction.

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Our role in the controversy is to decide which way we should follow. When we follow the story of Jesus in the Bible, we will notice the enormous sacrifice and the risks He took to ensure we have life to the full. Satan continuously challenges Jesus in bringing about doubt, portraying Jesus in a negative light, attributing all the suffering we are experiencing in our world today to him. It has no ending. This is way beyond our human understanding.

Let me take you back to our earlier discussion in this church talk article. We have a beautiful paradise. Having loving, kind and peaceful people brings about joy, safety and happiness.

We may have beautiful homes, two to three means of transport, the latest technology such as i-Phones, computers, big flat screen TVs, but these all amount to nothing. If the focus is on these things, then the personal connection with one another is clouded by the desire to focus on things rather than people.

When this is the case, our task then is to build each other up.

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To offer our shoulder to someone who is crying and hurting, to encourage hope to the hopeless, to bring a smile back to those who are struggling in life. The bottom line is, the more happy people there are, the bigger and greater the domain for experiencing this abundant life. For us, we tend to play hard during the summer when the world is awake and teeming. We go on trips and forage in the woods and stay up late in lingering daylight. Think of a list of a few simple things that bring you pleasure. Some of mine include brie cheese, walks, a few minutes reading a magazine, a cup of fragrant tea, and a favorite perfume.

7 Simple Ways to Live More Abundantly, Right Now

There are so many flavours and textures and colours available to us in our food! A deep appreciation of good food, and for lingering over it with company and conversation, is a profound way to live abundantly each day. Stock a real food pantry , begin cooking the classics from scratch my cookbook can help with that! I used to dislike mushrooms, onions, and blue cheese—now I realise that these foods have incredible flavour potential that can send the right dish soaring.

What gets you excited?

Do those things more often! I find that it helps to think about what my passions and interests were when I was a little girl. I had no qualms then about being myself and doing what I loved— exploring outside on a glorious morning, being in the water, curling up with a book, creating things on paper. I can do those things now as an adult, but often I forget how much I love them, how much a part of me they are! Recapture the playfulness and abandon you had for your passions when you were little, and seek them out again!

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And if reading is one of those passions for you like it is for me! But good habits, formed by discipline, provide a structure for your days into which you can build times of rest, play, and productivity. The key, as I hope this list has shown you, is to live intentionally and on purpose.

Robb Myers-Life and Love, More Abundantly

These are great thoughts. That is a great idea. Eric and I have plans of doing a big baking day once per month where we make 4 loaves of bread, a couple of pizza doughs, some breakfast burritos, and muffins. Why do we find it so easy to put things off when most of the time, we question why we waited so long to follow our dream? I loved all of these tips, Elsie, but my favorite is the first one. I think it is so important to live each day as the gift that it is from God. I hope you find the time to have your monthly baking day. It makes life so much easier!

Life and Love, More Abundantly Life and Love, More Abundantly
Life and Love, More Abundantly Life and Love, More Abundantly
Life and Love, More Abundantly Life and Love, More Abundantly
Life and Love, More Abundantly Life and Love, More Abundantly
Life and Love, More Abundantly Life and Love, More Abundantly
Life and Love, More Abundantly Life and Love, More Abundantly

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