La vida es otra cosa (Spanish Edition)

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La vida es Otra cosa.

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Paid advertisement. You have deactivated JavaScript in your browser settings. We recommend to activate JavaScript for euro-book. Detailseite wird geladen SORT: Price. Miller, Jeannette: La vida es otra cosa Spanish Edition - used book. From a very innocent perspective they dare to question values that for us are unquestionable. Children are capable of seeing things we would never see.

It seems that when we grow-up we become strong and our minds close. We become dictators of our imagination and we grasp an identity that is very limited. During a specially organised workshop, I asked them to tag in record time photographs of the sculptures that inhabit the forecourt of the Palais de Tokyo. They then appear covered with graffiti. The idea of vandalising the classical sculptures outside the Palais de Tokyo was just a pretext for something even more disturbing. In a way, these sketched lines, when out of context, are opposed to the harmony of classical sculptures.

These two poles then touch, while only a technological set-up allows us to experience this dichotomy. En mayo de , las y los vecinos del barrio de la Salud, en Sant Feliu de Llobregat, consiguieron frenar la construccion de una gasolinera. Taparon el agujero con tierra y plantaron un arbol. De los y las vecinas de Sant Feliu. Eso cuentan las paredes.

Pero no es cierto. La plaza solo era un destello. En , los vecinos y las vecinas de Sant Feliu aprovecharon una fisura en el asfalto para plantar una semilla. Lucharon por sus derechos. A su lucha, a sus valores, a su memoria. Recuperar la memoria del movimiento vecinal es mantenerlo con vida.

Es importante rescatar el pasado, darle voz al presente y abrir la puerta al futuro. Mantener la llama encendida para que otros puedan seguir su luz.

Spanish Translation

Una pared inclusiva hecha por y para los vecinos. Una pared que se puede escuchar, que contiene el ruido del barrio, de su historia y de sus habitantes. Una pared que se puede leer, con tantas lecturas como visitantes se acerquen a verla. English In May , the residents of the Sant Feliu neighbourhood called La Salud managed to halt the construction of a gas station. Walls say that it was during the night, while the city was still sleeping, when some brave women and men decided to push the concrete mixer into the hole where the foundations were going to be set. They covered the hole with soil and then they planted a tree.

Legend has it that if a tree is planted on an occupied plot of land, nobody will ever be able to remove it. And that was exactly the genesis of that square, a square that still belongs to the neighbours, the residents of Sant Feliu. In , the La Salud square was conquered.

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The square was only a symbol. What was really conquered was a way to understand society that goes beyond that square, beyond the personal interests of a handful of neighbours. In , the residents of La Salud neighbourhood showed a clear example of solidarity, unity, motivation and generosity; an example of empowerment and identity.

They created an organic and strategic movement that grouped under the premise of regaining the square… and so they did. A seed that was a tree, that was a flag, that was the claim of their public space. A seed that was also a square for all the neighbours. They fought for their rights.

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They laid the foundations for an urban model that took people into account. They were the example of a city that gets built from below, away from cranes and real estate interests. Today, 40 years later, the most representative wall that in this square shows a mural that pays tribute to those men and women. A tribute to their fight, their values, their memory. Recovering the grassroots movement memory means keeping it alive.

The essence of a struggle lies not in its achievements, but in its commitment and perseverance. We need to recover the past, to give a voice to the present, and to open a door to the future. We need to keep the fire burning so that others can follow the light. An inclusive wall made by and for the neighbours. A wall that can be heard, that contains the sounds of the neighbourhood, of its history, and of its inhabitants. A wall that can be read, and that has as many readings as visitors who come to contemplate it.

La pared es vuestra.

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La vida es otra cosa (Spanish Edition) La vida es otra cosa (Spanish Edition)
La vida es otra cosa (Spanish Edition) La vida es otra cosa (Spanish Edition)
La vida es otra cosa (Spanish Edition) La vida es otra cosa (Spanish Edition)
La vida es otra cosa (Spanish Edition) La vida es otra cosa (Spanish Edition)
La vida es otra cosa (Spanish Edition) La vida es otra cosa (Spanish Edition)
La vida es otra cosa (Spanish Edition) La vida es otra cosa (Spanish Edition)
La vida es otra cosa (Spanish Edition) La vida es otra cosa (Spanish Edition)

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