Dreaming of a Lost Life

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What is more, you can take advantage of your dream world and LEARN how to CONTROL YOUR DREAMS.

Dream about getting lost in general

Your Weird Questions Answered! Unfortunately, the stress we deal with during the day tends to follow us to bed at night and plays out in our dreams. Can we ever escape? Why yes, yes we can. Our stressed-out dreams are actually giving us clues on how to deal with and manage our waking-life stresses — once we can understand them. The following are the five most common stress dreams we all experience, what real-life stresses they are connected to, and the lessons they provide. Diane Sawyer once told me she has this dream. The stress this dream is connected to is deadline stress.

Otherwise, this dream can be connected to self-imposed deadlines such as losing a certain amount of weight in time for the office holiday party or reaching a career goal by a certain age, etc. The Lesson: Time is slippery and often gets away from us. If this is your stress dream, you need to ask yourself what in your life you no longer have the desire to continue with.

Is it your job?

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A relationship? A project?

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  4. The stress this dream is connected to is being overwhelmed by too many responsibilities. Just as the tidal wave surges over your head and threatens to sweep you away, you are getting in over your head in waking life responsibilities that threaten to pull you away from any down time. Less often, this dream can be connected to an emotional situation that is overwhelming you. If you suffer from depression or anxiety, these dreams can be a heads up that another bout is on the way — so prepare! The Lesson : Like the wave, your dream is showing you that your responsibilities or your anxiety are getting bigger than you are.

    The 5 Most Common Stress Dreams

    Not being able to find your class or locker came in at number one. Your locker is your place at school because it is designated for just you, and your class is where you need to be and show up on time.

    When you can't find your locker or your class in a dream, it's a good indication you are feeling uncertain of your place at work or even uncertain of your career choice. In these dreams we tend to feel the pressure of finding our locker and getting to our class before the bell rings. The Lesson: Time is certainly of the essence. Time to find a job you enjoy going to or, at the very least, in these tough times, find a way to make your current job or current situation meaningful.

    Answering all of these kinds of questions establishes the underlying psychic context of your dreams about being lost. Once you have answered these questions, then you have to make your associations to each dream image. Only then can you start to build a bridge between your conscious situation and the underlying unconscious reaction to that situation.

    Are you driving to work? Can you not find your way home? Or are you aimlessly driving around with no destination?

    Let's Talk About: Dreams - Someone Dying

    Each one of these scenarios in dreams about being lost would point to a different psychic situation. Remember, the dream imagery is symbolic. The feeling tone in your dream is very important. You have to compare that feeling to your current attitude. Remember that the dream is responding to something in your life. In your dream, do you feel anything like:. For example, what if you were driving home and really could not find your way?

    Would you panic? Likewise, you if felt ambivalent about being lost, what could that mean? Would your ambivalence in a similar situation get you into trouble? Write everything out and then read it back to yourself as though you are talking about your own life.

    That is a literal interpretation of the dream, not a symbolic interpretation. You can read more about symbolic meaning here. Remember, a dream symbol points to something you do not know. If you are already anxious in your life and you have a dream where you feel anxious, the dream is not speaking about what you already know. You might have a dream about being at a time in your life where you think everything is fine. If this is the case for you, then the dream is an image for an unconscious problem in your life — a problem which may or may not cause you to feel anxiety in your waking life.

    If you are in this situation, I would suggest that you reflect on this dream. They talk about how important their job is to them, yet they cannot see that their job makes them miserable. They cannot see that the source of their misery is a job they actually do not want to be doing. It seems like, whether we want to admit it or not, all of us have a need to find our unique place in the world. We want to be appreciated, respected, and seen. If you are in this situation, some questions you could ask yourself are:. I realize that not everyone recognizes the value of asking and answering these kinds of questions.

    Some people are just chasing money or power.

    How Dreams of Deceased Pets Affect the Dreamers | Psychology Today

    My advice to anyone who has a dream about being lost on the way to work is to do some serious reflection on your place in the world. Sometimes we have dreams about lost at work. For example, in my younger years when I was still desperately searching for my place in life, I had the following dream about being lost in a confusing office complex. I am trapped in an elevator.

    From This Episode:

    When I finally free myself and exit the elevator, a new red Porsche appeared. I had crawl under it to get to my car. As I came out, the two guys behind me a businessman in a suit and a very fat man in street clothes also tried to get out. As the fat one moved around under the car, it began to bulge and buckle. The word complex has a very specific psychological meaning.

    Dreams about: An ex-partner

    Our dreams often speak specifically about our complexes by using that word. The office for me symbolized my place in the Collective, in particular, my lack of place in the Collective. I was also constantly worried about not making any significant financial contribution to the household, so money was always an issue for me. My potential the business man was trapped by my fear and worry the fat man pleading for help. Resolving such a complex takes time and a lot of conscious effort. In the dream below, you can see yet another manifestation of a dreamer lost in a complex.

    This is the dream of a 39 year old man, whose thinking function was extraordinarily complicated. Even the simplest of tasks were excruciatingly difficult. It was not that he was incapable. Isolated platforms suspended in mid air. Now, if you read this dream language with the idea in mind that this man was absolutely lost in his life, the dream makes perfect sense. Remember the dream shows you the underlying psychic processes, that is, all of the undercurrent of our conscious situation.

    The dreamer actually had no awareness of how lost he actually was, even though he was clearly suffering. His complicated thinking had robbed him of his ability to relate to his wife authentically. All of his issues are in this dream; and, the end of the dream spoke of his potential to be that wise man. This woman is also the key to this man overcoming his fear of life, but first he has to become aware of his pain and suffering.

    Sometimes we are lost in a house. It can be our own home,where we discover new rooms or floors, or, it can be an unknown house, as in this dream example below:. These dreams typically symbolize that we have entered an unknown aspect of our personality. The rooms and floors in which we find ourselves are important. For example, if we are in the upstairs portion of the house, then we could be developing a new conscious attitude toward life.

    Dreams About Getting or Being Lost – Interpretation and Meaning

    When we find ourselves in an attic, then perhaps we should consider looking at old attitudes which are no longer of any use to us. The attic could also symbolize the opposite. Our dreams about trying to get home and not being able to find our way is another common dream theme.

    The problem of a dream like this is that you cannot find your way home. The meaning of the dream lies in the symbolism of home and your inability to find your way to it. Our home symbolizes our whole situation in life, meaning our entire system of adaptation to life: our relationships, our motivating forces, and in particular, our dominate attitude.

    By attitude I mean it in the way C. Jung defined it:. I bold that statement because our unconscious expectations about life lead us down a path of conventionality and habit. In other words, unconscious expectations lead us down the well-trodden path of life and not the way to our true nature. The dreamer above also cannot find his train. A train is a collective mode of travel.

    Dreaming of a Lost Life Dreaming of a Lost Life
    Dreaming of a Lost Life Dreaming of a Lost Life
    Dreaming of a Lost Life Dreaming of a Lost Life
    Dreaming of a Lost Life Dreaming of a Lost Life
    Dreaming of a Lost Life Dreaming of a Lost Life
    Dreaming of a Lost Life Dreaming of a Lost Life
    Dreaming of a Lost Life Dreaming of a Lost Life
    Dreaming of a Lost Life Dreaming of a Lost Life
    Dreaming of a Lost Life

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