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That is if he can figure out who is trying to ruin the bakery and attack Poppy in the process. Clair has a knack for making the side characters kind of steal the whole story.

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Clair My rating: 4 of 5 stars Poppy Donovan should have known better, bailing her sister out at her bakery while she is recovering for the summer sounded way to easy. View all my reviews.

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Share this: Twitter Facebook. It wasn't the best book I've ever read, but it was well worth the pages. Back in the s, Cole Riley says he was a lost soul. But it was from those people, whose lives he shared, which formed the substance of the stories Cole Riley would later write. Cole discovered reading and writing, he discovered his love for words, and language and the art of storytelling. He apprenticed with some great people and got his life straightened out.

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Cole became well known for his brand of urban fiction, and gained a portion of the large and dedicated fan base there. In his recent book, Making the Hook-Up, Cole Riley explores the depth and variety of black sexuality. Cole is inspired by the writing that makes you feel, the old masters and the young rebels.

He finds that his imagination sets him apart from some writers; he approaches everything from a creative slant and with the goal of going further each time than he has before. Now in his fifties, Cole has seen a lot and lived quite a life.

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His experiences only serve to make his writing richer, more detailed, and more provocative. As he pushes the envelope further, Cole is changing the way African American erotica is written, and thus opening up new possibilities for the genre as a whole.


What will the next offering from Cole Riley bring? Read full interview.

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Curvy Girls: Sweet Surrender Curvy Girls: Sweet Surrender
Curvy Girls: Sweet Surrender Curvy Girls: Sweet Surrender
Curvy Girls: Sweet Surrender Curvy Girls: Sweet Surrender
Curvy Girls: Sweet Surrender Curvy Girls: Sweet Surrender
Curvy Girls: Sweet Surrender Curvy Girls: Sweet Surrender

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