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He reluctantly decides to kill Sil, fearing that the experiment may soon grow out of control-and it does. Sil escapes the building and out into the wilderness to prey.

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The most popular theory about where the chupacabra might have been able to live undetected for all those years except for rare appearances sucking goats and chickens is in the El Yunque rainforest on the eastern end of the island. Given the thick vegetation this theory might seem plausible, except that El Yunque, though a sizeable park at 28, acres, is also the most popular tourist spot in Puerto Rico, attracting over one million visitors each year.

Yet apparently not a single tourist reported seeing, photographing, or being attacked by a chupacabra nor, to my knowledge, finding the alleged chupacabra victim carcasses that would presumably litter the rainforest floor. It beggars belief to think that one or more chupacabras managed to live for years in such a heavily traveled area without ever being discovered or leaving traces of their existence. Likewise, wildlife-disease specialist Kevin Keel has seen images of an alleged chupacabra corpse and clearly recognized it as a coyote, but said he could imagine how others might not.

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A layperson, however, might be confused as to its identity. Sarcoptes scabiei also causes the itchy rash known as scabies in humans. In humans and nonhuman animals alike, the mite burrows under the skin of its host and secretes eggs and waste material, which trigger an inflammatory response from the immune system.

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In humans, scabies—the allergic reaction to the mites' waste—is usually just a minor annoyance. But mange can be life threatening for canines such as coyotes, which haven't evolved especially effective reactions to Sarcoptes infection. The University of Michigan's OConnor speculates that the mite passed from humans to domestic dogs , and then on to coyotes, foxes , and wolves in the wild. His research suggests that the reason for the dramatically different responses is that humans and other primates have lived with the Sarcoptes mite for much of their evolutionary history, while other animals have not.


In other words, humans have evolved to the point where our immune systems can neutralize the infection before the infection neutralizes us. The mites too have been evolving, suggested the University of Georgia's Keel.

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The parasite has had time to optimize its attack on humans so as not to kill us, which would eliminate our usefulness to the mites, he said. In nonhuman animals, Sarcoptes hasn't figured out that balance yet. From a creationism standpoint, the chupacabra's baramin is unknown.

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Various cryptids are mentioned in the Bible , so closer reading may yet reveal more information. For example, the Bible mentions "The Beast", the Leviathan, and many others not adequately explained by "scientists".

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We can infer, however, that Noah must have taken at least two on board the Ark, and that they were securely housed away from the goats. Some say that the chupacabra is merely a coyote with severe mange. This page is a goat.


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