African Camelot (Italian Edition)

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While 's Popstars was the first talent show of its ilk to truly capture the nation's attention when creating the "ultimate" pop group Hear'Say, it wasn't until 's follow-up Pop Idol where the country went totally barmy. Because this time, WE had the power. Over eight million people voted in the final back in February that's more than today's talent shows get in audience figures, let alone votes , when Ant and Dec announced that Will Young had triumphed over Gareth Gates in a tense finish. But what happened to the finalists who became such huge stars for 10 weeks back then?

Oh, and we're not talking about the rather underwhelming second series right now, maybe come back another time for that one. The show's first eliminee Korben, whose real name is Chris Niblett, now seems to be going by the hybrid Korben Niblett. After leaving the show, a judge ordered him to repay some money that he allegedly owed a woman who helped him find fame, and he was also banned from driving after being twice over the legal alcohol limit.

But he's turned things around since then. Cruelly, Rik had to exit the competition before he even sung a note in the live shows due to severe laryngitis, and was replaced by In , Rik appeared in Celebrity Fit Club in an attempt to lose some weight, but he struggled in his journey and exited the competition early. Two years later, he featured in Channel 5's Back to Reality , and had some fierce rows with Jade Goody before finishing in sixth place.

1. She worked as a reporter and photographer.

Two months into his 'Beyond Reality Tour' in , three concerts were cancelled due to poor ticket sales. Among them was a show at the Princess Theatre in Torquay, where only two tickets were sold. Poor Rik. Nowadays, Rik goes by the name of Richard. He did the obligatory identity parade on Never Mind The Buzzcocks in , but in it emerged that he's lost his voice. Apparently, and we're not making this up, he can now only yodel. He also admitted that he found it tough when he ended up going to the job centre, but in March , at least, he was working as an exam invigilator if Rik Waller was patrolling our exams, we'd find it hard to concentrate, but okay.

Oh, and he also apparently kept his hand in the music business for a while by running a mobile karaoke and disco service with his dad. Despite only finishing in ninth place, this was enough to earn Jessica a chance to represent the UK at Eurovision the following year that's how big Pop Idol was. Jessica, who married in and has two kids, attempted a musical comeback in May , but her single — which was only available on iTunes — failed to chart. She, too, has been in the Buzzcocks identity parade.

Aaron pulled off an incredible feat by winning more viewer votes than Darius in his semi-final heat to make the live shows, and he was a genuine contender at the beginning. But sadly, he dropped down the rankings and ended up being eliminated in eighth place. Aaron is now part of the Aaron Bayley Band, who play weddings and private events in Newcastle and the rest of the North East — we're personally a big fan of the group's take on 'Blurred Lines'.

They performed covers of Glee hits and yes, we're aware this means they covered covers.

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Laura Doherty. After surviving the bottom three for three weeks running, Laura was eventually eliminated in seventh place. Laura, who graduated from the University of Ulster with a music degree in , has been teaching hip hop dancing in schools. While some reports from yesteryear claim she has fronted bands called The Fontelles and The Commotions, Laura has remained quiet of late in the showbusiness world.

She married her childhood sweetheart back in Rosie was also in the bottom three for three weeks running before exiting in sixth place.

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And it all seemed to be going so well for her post- Pop Idol. She signed a five-album deal with Telstar Records, had two top 20 singles 'Blink' — which we couldn't help but listen to again this morning — and ' A Little Bit' and supported Liberty X and Blue. Unfortunately, Telstar then faced financial problems and she was released from her contract, so her album was axed.

She tried out for Australian Idol in but didn't make it to the final 12; returning to the UK, she released singles with MC Neat in and However, she has dropped off the radar since then has seemingly deleted her Twitter account.

Ethiopia’s Camelot

After finishing in fifth place, Hayley, who was rumoured to be dating Big Brother 4 's Federico at one point remember him? She had a second go at the talent show thing when she auditioned for The X Factor in , but sadly she didn't make it past boot camp. In , Hayley was one randomly one of the candidates the represent Romania at Eurovision with the song 'Brand New Day'. However, she withdrew from the competition due to a severe knee injury, and the song that won the show ended up being barred from competing due to the Romanian TV broadcaster's severe debts.

She was sadly dropped by Simon Fuller's record company soon after. She later turned to musical theatre, appearing in a number of shows and pantos including What a Feeling alongside Hear'Say's Noel Sullivan and She also secured a major role in Priscilla Queen of the Desert in , and returned to Thriller in She later replaced Alexandra Burke in The Bodyguard. Madea spends most of the film sitting in a Cadillac and having her most florid swears awkwardly dubbed into softer versions. Perry says this is the last Madea movie, and maybe it's time if this inert effort is all he can muster for his signature comic creation.

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Madea tends to do a lot of sitting around in this one -- a dramedy about infidelity and sudden death -- mocking the stupidity of those around her or dispensing old-fashioned life advice. Missing is her trademark wildness, her willingness to ignore all social convention and sense of decency, replaced by sedentary -- but often still quite funny -- one-liners. Come back when you're feeling it again, Madea.

The ratio of Madea to melodrama is sadly unbalanced in this near-musical about a troubled nightclub singer Taraji P. Blige showing up to knock the title song out of the park. Our heroine tumbles extravagantly down staircases, babbles incoherently, and twerks to a Tyga track. Claus outfit and laying waste to everyone who gets in the way of her Wonderful Life. Christmas crisis averted with antics, bringing much-needed chaos to a character whose energy seemed to be flagging. This time around she defies court-ordered anger management with Dr. The perfect combination of family dysfunction featuring a solidly moving performance from Loretta Devine as a cancer-stricken mother and a barnstorming Madea.

A Madea Halloween" The first one made money, so Madea gets to be scared stupid all over again in a sequel so sluggish and haphazardly thrown together that it makes the first one seem like classic comedy by comparison. View In Gallery.

African Camelot (Italian Edition) African Camelot (Italian Edition)
African Camelot (Italian Edition) African Camelot (Italian Edition)
African Camelot (Italian Edition) African Camelot (Italian Edition)
African Camelot (Italian Edition) African Camelot (Italian Edition)
African Camelot (Italian Edition) African Camelot (Italian Edition)

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